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#1 in Windshield Repair in Oro Valley, AZ – Guaranteed!

Take the hassle out of windshield repair services in Oro Valley – let Desert Auto Glass come to you! We offer a quick quote 24/7.

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Oro Valley Windshield Repair You Can Trust

Desert Auto Glass Repair and Replacement is dedicated to providing you top quality windshield repair in Oro Valley and the surrounding areas! Check out some of the reasons local Oro Valley residents always trust Desert Auto Glass with their windshield repair needs:

Professionally Certified Technicians

Preferred By All Insurance

Licensed & Insured

All Makes & Models

  • 5 star review customer
    Kimberly Torres

    “They arrived in a timely manner. They were very friendly and professional. My car’s interior was cleaner than before they replaced my windshield. They also made sure that I knew the exact time, when I could drive my car, as I told them I may have to drive to see a sick friend soon. Really happy with the service and my windshield looks great! Thank you!!!”

  • 5 star review customer
    D.J Ferrigno

    “5 Stars!”

    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality

    “Would not hesitate to use this company again! Excellent service”

  • 5 star review customer
    Desiree Byerly

    “5 Stars!”

    “Chris H was our technician and Lydia our sales contact, both were helpful and appreciated.”

Fast, Reliable, and Hassle-Free

Desert Auto Glass is your trusted destination when it comes to top-quality windshield repair in Oro Valley, AZ. Our professionally certified technicians are dedicated to getting your windshield replaced and getting you back on the road.

Our Auto Glass Services in Oro Valley, AZ

Reasons to Choose Desert Auto Glass

Certified Technicians
We ensure that you get top-quality windshield repairs and replacements, every time!

Preferred By All Insurance
Get superior windshield and replacements at the lowest cost to you!

Licensed & Insured
Have peace of mind that your windshield repair and replacement is done right!

All Makes & Models
We provide first-class windshield repairs and replacements no matter what you drive!

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Windshield Repair FAQs

Is windshield replacement free in Arizona?

Yes – if you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy! All Arizona comprehensive auto insurance policies include glass coverage thanks to Arizona’s free windshield replacement law. It’s important to note the law only applies to comprehensive policies. Liability-only policies, which only cover harm you cause to other people and not damage to your vehicle, won’t cover full windshield replacement.

What is the average cost to repair a chipped windshield?

Though the cost will depend on the type of chip and where on the windshield is chipped, on average the cost is $30-$70 to repair a chipped windshield.

Can you get a ticket for driving with a cracked windshield in Arizona?

Yes – if the police officer deems the windshield damage to be impairing your vision or otherwise unsafe, they can write you a ticket. A ticket for a cracked windshield in Arizona generally will run you $100-$150.

Will my insurance go up if I claim my windshield?

For most insurance plans your insurance premium will not go up if you claim your windshield.

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